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Magnesium Calm Liposomal (15.22 oz)

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UPC: 850018471886
An Essential Mineral To Support Mood, Bone Health, Nutrient Absorption, & More! Support your levels of Magnesium in a delicious almond-vanilla liposomal. 15.22 oz | 30 servings
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- Magnesium, an essential mineral, is vital for many processes in the body such as muscle and nerve function, bone health, and calcium absorption.
- It’s estimated that about half of magnesium in the body is found in bones and teeth!
- While there are many factors that influence magnesium absorption in the body, certain types of supplemental magnesium have been found to be better absorbed than others, and magnesium bisglycinate, the type that is used in this product, may be more bioavailable and protected when encapsulated and delivered to the body via liposomes.
- It may also be supportive for occasional headaches and support mood.
- The optimal amount of magnesium is also important for normal sleep regulation, and experimental magnesium deficiency has even been associated with disrupted sleep patterns.
- It’s estimated that almost half of U.S. adults do not intake the recommended amount of magnesium, so make sure to support your magnesium status with this almond-vanilla flavored supplement!
Suggested Use: Take 1 Tablespoon (15 mL) daily. Can be taken directly or added to your choice of blended beverage or as a topping on a variety of foods.

Keep out of reach of children in case of accidental overdose or choking.

Store in a cool, dry place. For optimal flavor and product performance, we recommend refrigeration before and after opening.

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